Oxford House Preservation Project

Threatened with destruction because of development, the historical Oxford House was donated to the museum. With the generous support of the community, funds were raised to move the entire house, in 11 pieces, to the museum grounds. The roof has been replaced, and the next major step will be exterior repairs and painting. Efforts to save the Oxford House would not have been possible without the generosity of donors, but before the house can be fully restored and opened to the public, additional funds are needed--please consider making a donation!

The Oxford House Preservation Project is in the fundraising stage of 'Phase IV: Hardscape' which will focus on the parking area, sidewalks, curbing, planting beds, and porch steps.


Once restored, the Oxford House will serve as a place for enhanced museum services including rotating exhibits, museum office and gift shop, and will provide facilities for curation of artifacts and research. It will also be available for wedding receptions, children's programs, and many other activities.

The Oxford House is a dramatic example of the late Queen Anne style and represents the largest house remaining in Stephenville with these types of Victorian attributes. The Oxford House was constructed in late 1890s by Judge W.J. Oxford.

"For over a century the Oxford House has graced the landscape of Stephenville; its significance as a landmark and as a goodwill ambassador is immeasurable." -Stephenville Empire Tribune

thermometerThe Stephenville Historical House Museum received a grant from the Texas Historical Foundation in support of the Oxford House Preservation Project. The Foundation's gift helped fund 'Phase III: Exterior Renovations' which included repair of exterior woodwork and painting. Thanks THF!



2011: at its new location!